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       North-East of Vientiane , the famous Plain of Jars is located near Phonesavanh, the main city. It is reached by plane from Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Also Hmong villages can be visited.
     The second and third site of the Plain of Jars, about 25km from Phonesavanh, can also be visited on request.
Xieng Khouang province offers the awesome beauty, of high green mountains and rugged karstformations. The original capital city Muang Khun was almost totally obliterated by US bombing and consequently, the capital was moved

to nearby, Phonsavanh.
     Of several Muang Khun Buddhist temples built between the 16th and 19th century, only ruins remain. Vat Pia Vat, however, survived the bombing and can be visited.
     The main attraction in Xleng Khouang province is the Plain of Jars. Stone jars of different sizes, apparently carved out of solid rocks, are scattered all over the plateau. The biggest one reaches a height of 3.25 meters. Researchers have advanced different theories as to the function of the stone jars, which are estimated to be 2,500 to 3,000 years old. According to local legend, in the 6th century King Khun Chuang had the jars constructed in order to store wine for the celebration of his conquest of Xieng Khouang. Alternatively, some researchers have suggested the jars were crafted as sarcophagi. This theory is supported by the discovery of human bones and daily utensils nearby. To date, the exact use of the jars remains a mystery.
     Approximately 52 km north of Phonsavanh, hot spring will appeal to travellers in search of relaxation. The waters of both, Ban Noi (Little Spring) and Ban Yai ( Big Spring ), reach a temperature of around 60 degrees Celsius.

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