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      Borikhamsay is located in the narrow "neck" with moderately high mountains sloping southwest into the Mekong River valley.
Vientiane and Xieng Khouang provinces lie to the north. Khammouane province to the south. Paksan the capital town is a commercial centre. In Borikhamsay province, between Vientiane and the provincial capital Paksan, a "footprint of Buddha" shrine at Vat Phra Bat is an important pilgrimage site.
      The most famous attraction of the region is its striking landscape. At Ban Nahin, Poupha Mane, a stone forest featuring thousands of rock pinnacles, can be found. Due to its proximity to Lak Xao, the latter is within easy reach for tourists crossing to Vietnam . South of Lak Xao, the still pristine forests of Nam Thuen, protected area with varieties of wild life.
      Khammouane is situated in the central part of Lao PDR with area of moderately high mountains sloping down to the Mekong valley. Fertile land here is suited to plantations of rice, cabbage, sugar bananas...
A total population of 260,000 is made up of land and uplanders Lao groups: Phuan, Td Kri, Katang ...
      Thakhek is the provincial capital and is well known to day-tripping Thai from Nakhon Phanom, across the Mekong River . It also has much well-preserved French colonial architecture similar to that found in Vientiane .
About 8 kilometres to the south of the town is the That Sikhotabong or Sikhotabong stupa, constructed around 9th to 10th century by King Nanthasen and restored in the 1950s. Besides, Khammouane province also rich with many caves, such as Tham Xieng Lieup, Tham Nang An, Tham Phanan and Tham Phaya In.
      Savannakhet is the most populated province of Laos . Touristically, it does have the surrounding villages that are among the most typical and beautiful of the region, notably Kengkok.

Geographically, its position lies at the crossroads of commerce and communication with Viethnam (Hue- Danang) bordering on the western side with Thailand (Mukdaham).

Khanthabouly, the provincial capital of Savannakhet, is a busy market place for trade with nearby Thailand . Numerous examples of French architecture tell of the town's importance during the colonial era.
      Khanthabouly's main attractions are its noteworthy temples such as the beautiful Vat Saja Phoum and That Ing Hang. The latter is the holiest edifice in southern Laos housing a hollow chamber with a distinguished collection of Buddha images. That Ing Hang and That Phone stupa which, during the full moon of the 3rd month, repectively holds the special festival.
Near Muang Phin, on the route to Vietnam , dinosaur remains are on display. They were discovered by a French scientist in the 1930s.
      Not as old as these prehistoric relicts but of no less significance, is the northernmost example of Khmer art at Heuan Hin (stone house). The buildings were constructed between 553 AD and 700 AD. Today little more than unrestored ruins remain.
      Visitors interested in the latest period of Lao history may want to visit the former Ho Chi Minh Trail, whose outer edges are next to Xepon, 170 km east of Khanthabouly. North and south along the trail, remnants of downed US helicopters, fighter planes and other war material can be seen.

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